Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Two news items getting play tonight

1)  The Republican debate (on Fox News) was orders of magnitude better than any other Republican debate I've seen this election cycle.  I unfortunately wouldn't be surprised to find out that Fox News provided the questions ahead of time, but no matter what it was a great and relatively intelligent clash on several ideas.  There was one particular multi-exchange between Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee that I think accurately portrayed the most admirable parts of both factions within the Republican party, to Ron Paul's ultimate victory in my opinion (but with good clear represenation by Huckabee on his faction's perspective).  Practically all candidates had at least one strong response - and McCain reminded me partially of the McCain of old who might have had my vote.
I think what's important is to make sure that prior statements are discussed against these new stances, to see candidates clarify their positions on the issues (and the public to determine if that reconciliation was successful).
2) Larry King interviewed Bill Clinton on CNN, and again lots of great topics and insights.

Both are currently being replayed on their channels.

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