Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why Hillary will lose

This would have been a GREAT move by Hillary:
She could have waged a grassroots, small-donor, Internet campaign of change based on being the first woman running for president with a serious chance of victory. The charisma could have been hers, the excitement hers and the novelty hers.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

What's wrong with this picture? (hint: brown)

Would it be torture if Iran used waterboarding on Americans?

Whoa - Lindsay Graham stepping up to the plate! 
He shouldn't have let it drop there, he should have provided the Geneva Convention definitions of torture and then asked if Hartmann felt waterboarding passed that and then re-applied the Iran question - but still good spine.

Bush Declares That Cheney Is ‘The Best Vice President In History’

This video is just stupefying, for several reasons...

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Colbert: Ron Paul is insane

This might be my favorite Colbert clip this year, though I'm guessing at least half the people who saw this probably thought Colbert was mocking Ron Paul.

CIA admits waterboarding inmates

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Bush Proposes Budget With $400B Deficit

If Iran Were America (And We Were Iran): A Timeline

Great read and alternate perspective.

Poll: Obama wipes out Clinton's lead

Barack Obama has crossed yet another social divide: Rural

So Obama's victory over Clinton in rural Nevada says something important about his ability as the apostle of national reconciliation. To win against Clinton in Elko County (black population: 0.8%), he had to convert not only white Democrats, but a large number of independents and people who had voted Republican until caucus day; a feat he pulled off with dazzling facility. Any Democrat nominee who can do that, deep in Republican country, is likely to gain the presidency; and Obama has proved that he can. Clinton, laden with the moral, cultural and political baggage of the 1990s, is likely to fare as badly in Elko County as Kerry did in 2004, when he collected just 20% of the vote

Democrats expect big Idaho caucus turnout

Check out this panoramic Obama attendance picture from yesterday - 14,000 people, in a location where a small percentage are African-American, showing up... good news for curing voter apathy at least. 
His opening ring-the-bell remarks: ""They told me there aren't any Democrats in Idaho!"