Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ron Paul talks about "Arab nations", but all John McCain hears is "al-Qaeda"
(NOTE: there's an Amnesty International ad at the bottom that starts playing right away and has grunting and groaning sounds - turn your sound off at first to avoid embarrassment, but I recommend going back and watching/listening to it also, it's pretty good.)

This blog's analysis is pretty spot on, and the Ron Paul debate video is outstanding - wish I'd watched it after all (I thought Fox News would marginalize Paul - who is my only reason for watching).  He hits home run after home run in this debate, and the McCain example is an example of the value Ron Paul provides in exposing the insanity and/or hypocrisy and/or idiocy of the other Republican candidates.

Every Democrat should be fighting to make sure Ron Paul's voice is heard early and often, to continue exposing his fellow candidates' fundamental weaknesses that can be used in the general election.

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