Friday, January 18, 2008

Democracy Now! Re-Hosts NBC Las Vegas Debate to Include Kucinich After NBC Wins Appeal to Exclude Him

This is an interesting concept, and once again Kucinich adds valuable considerations to the discussion (as he should have been able to in the NBC debate that many more people would have seen that way) - kudos to Democracy Now for this.  I hate Real Player media, which appears to be their only mainstream option for video, but the written transcript is included as well. 

Skip down to where it's indented if you don't care much about what Kucinich's perspective is on suing based on being excluded.  Also in that initial section, his discussion of the defense authorization bill is worth noting mostly in highlighting that he's very detail oriented and wants to make sure people understand what they're voting on, an admirable trait that by itself can instigate change.  You can tell he's pissed at NBC in his answers, I would say "overly" except for the magnitude of their decision, but other than that it's a good read.

He's also constantly challenging people to learn more about things like this (he wants to overturn it), one of the reasons I enjoy listening to him whenever he's got a chance to speak these days:

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