Monday, December 17, 2007

Ron Paul Supporters Make History with $6 Million Online Haul

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul made history Sunday by raising $6 million in online contributions in 24 hours, breaking the record for the most money raised by a national candidate in a single day, and potentially putting Paul on track to surpass the fourth quarter fund raising of all of his competitors in both parties. 
Of those 58,000 people, almost 25,000 were first-time donors, the campaign says. The 58,000 makes up a base of individuals of 118,000 people who contributed to the Paul campaign in the fourth quarter. 
That's the first time in a while that reading an opening paragraph of a news article has made me laugh out loud.  Ron Paul and his accomplishment (thanks to his message) isn't on the front page of CNN, though... Huckabee is. 
If Huckabee or McCain had pulled off something like this, the big 3 news networks would be slathering all over it.  Not only that, but while this is an UNDENIABLY impressive accomplishment, what still gets focused is the amount of $$$$$$$ he raised, instead of the broad number of individuals he's clearly affecting on a grassroots level.
Anyway, despite the fact that in an ideal world I would hope for him to end up losing against Obama or Kucinich in the general election, good on Ron Paul and his message of adhering to the Constitution and everything that comes with it (avoiding ridiculous and dubious wars, fighting for civil liberties, etc).

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