Sunday, December 02, 2007

Kucinich: Biden's Warning of Bush Impeachment in Case of Iran War "a bit late"

Referring to the aggressive and heightened rhetoric from the Administration towards Iran, Kucinich said, "This is essentially a war crime in motion." And, he told attendees at the winter meeting of the Democratic National Committee, that he is preparing Articles of Impeachment against the President similar to those he introduced against Cheney earlier this year for deceiving Congress and the American people about the justification for authorizing military action against Iraq.

Bush and Cheney "have committed impeachable offences," Kucinich said. And, although fellow Presidential candidate and Senator Joe Biden said yesterday he would join Kucinich's call for impeachment if the Administration actually launched a war against Iran, "That would be a little bit late," Kucinich said.

I love Kucinich more every day, and Biden deserved getting called out on his ineffectiveness on this issue for so many reasons.  (1: He's in the Senate, and impeachment has to start in the House, so this seems mostly just so much more hot air and makes me wonder if this is a political play by Biden rather than something he's truly looked into. 2: Biden's might be prepared to use strong words - strong words!! - while Kucinich has already taken action several times.  3: Biden helped vote the Patriot Act through.  4: It would be too late!  Just wanted to reiterate that.  5: ...)
I actually like Biden overall (on a bell curve I'd put him at the 65th percentile), and it's good to see another player at least paying attention to the issue - but action is already long overdue on this topic.

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