Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dickheads of the Year: My picks for the biggest assholes of 2007 by Bill Maher
This might be my favorite list this year, as a matter of fact, so right on so many of them.  Stuff like this the whole way through:
A phenomenon I still don't understand. Rudy says if a Democrat is elected in 2008, we'll be at risk of another 9/11, because . . . he was mayor of New York when they attacked the World Trade Center the first time? His slogan should be "Not on my watch . . . again."
Caveats: I wish Cheney had made the list, I don't think #1 deserved its spot as it has no impact on my future unlike most of the others, and on #9 there are two particular individuals who take the lion's share (and Kucinich is doing one hell of a job in my opinion).

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