Sunday, November 18, 2007

Kucinich and Paul, ring the bell

 Oh man, watch out world - we'll see if this bears any fruit... ;-)

we should propose to both Kucinich and Paul, respectively, that the two of them should embark on a cross-country debate tour, Lincoln-Douglas revivial style. i'm sure that both would relish the press coverage that it would create and the fact that it would call america's attention to the real issues, not the idiot-style debates TV.

Exactly. They don't have to wait for the media to host. As a president you take the lead, you don't subject yourself to media approval.  I can see volunteers putting up their debates on youtube and other video hosting sites. Getting exposure for their efforts is not an issue.

Many major news programs are featuring mega-popular YouTube links now. I can see the media putting the youtube debates on msnbc and other news channels. I don't think exposure is an issue either. What IS stopping them?


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