Friday, November 30, 2007

Head of Rove Inquiry (and Bush appointee) in Hot Seat Himself

Mr. Bloch had his computer's hard disk completely cleansed using a "seven-level" wipe: a thorough scrubbing that conforms to Defense Department data-security standards. The process makes it nearly impossible for forensics experts to restore the data later. He also directed Geeks on Call to erase laptop computers that had been used by his two top political deputies, who had recently left the agency.

This is ludicrous.  You don't need an L7 wipe just to remove viruses - and there don't seem to be indications of those other two laptops being "infected" either.  I hope this guy goes down hard for destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice, and takes any other guilty parties (at any level) along with him. 

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