Friday, November 09, 2007

FOX Anchor Calls for Terrorist Car Bombings In Iran

Content like this really gets to me - what's most concerning is the amount of people that watch this channel. 
Let's be absolutely clear - this is a blatant call for state-sponsored terrorism by our government, and I doubt that the audience of this show would understand the implications of that.  "Terrorizing the terrorists with our brand of terror" immediately and very visibly invalidates the biggest facade of reason for our invasion of the Middle East.  Since this host is now clearly both a right-wing chickenhawk and a terrorist, we might consider giving him a good waterboarding and see if he changes his tune on the various issues which he undoubtedly holds the "tough" positions on.
I guess it's also worth pointing out again that Iran was one of our biggest supporters after 9/11, and that their troops were fighting the Taliban right beside us in Afghanistan - but expect this would largely fall on deaf ears for the audience of this show.  And history has shown what a great idea it is to arm a resistance who is a questionable ally, anyway - guess we'd better start looking forward to the Shia version of Al-Qaeda in 20 years or so if we go this route.

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