Saturday, November 17, 2007

The "Diamonds Or Pearls" flap, and the rest of the CNN media coverage structure
Moral of the story to me is that the debate structure could be significantly improved all the way around - equal time for all candidates deemed worthy of being on the stage, stop the intentional positioning of the chosen candidates in the middle of the stage each time, etc.  It's always easy to second-guess what you'd do in the same situation as this girl (assuming you were asked to pose such a meaningless softball question instead of one you wanted to), but few of us think quickly enough on our feet to question authority and then come up with a superb counter-response.
However, this flap does also remind of another angle criticizing Wolf Blitzer I had read:
Overall, I'm just glad I only get maybe 20% of my news from the MSM, the benefits of this approach outweigh the costs in my opinion.

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