Sunday, October 14, 2007

USA Gone Wrong: CIA Investigating Own Inspector General for Investigating CIA

Decent forum post responding to a statement that Dem/Repub both have scandals (though I disagree with his posit that all Republicans are authoritarians, I agree with his statements about this administration):
This has nothing to do with "scandals". This isnt someone sleeping with the wrong person.

The USA has gone off the rails -- they have literally become a Criminal Nation. The Justice Department is being used as a tool to undermine opposition parties and groups. The Judiciary isnt following the rules of law (constitution) and whistleblowers (this investigator) is being persecuted by the loyal partisans INSIDE the CIA!

This kind of thing is exactly what leads to fascist states. The radical elements unchecked the safeguards and use the machinery of government to give themselves extra-legal authority.

Do you remember Iran-Contra? This is *MORE* of that kind of corruption, but now, it is every day we hear about it. More and more and more.

Dont try even REMOTELY suggest that this a Democratic problem. The Republicans are authoritarians down to the very core of their being, they have been growing more and more radical by the decade. This isnt a "new" or mild thing, it is a truly serious threat to the USA (and to the world frankly).

These people are out. of. their. minds. The People of the USA have to rise up, throw them from office, then DEMAND that they be charged for their crimes. If you allow this kind of criminal corruption and war crimes to go unpunished, there is no hope of preventing it in the future.

You must prosecute these people.

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