Saturday, October 27, 2007

Olympia Snowe

Huh - I happened to see Olympia Snowe's facebook profile (I've argued that she would be a much better Presidential candidate than lots of other players), and there was a lot more support than I realized:
Dear Sen. Snowe,
Please run for President!
We need you not Hillary!!!!!!!!!
i am a DIEHARD dem, but i would vote for you over ANY democrat in the race.
I am not a republican in any way, shape or form, however you are one of the few that I can support, let alone with pride. Keep up the great work!
One of few Republicans I admire. Keep up the great work Olympia!
I think you'd make a great President - go and blow the cobwebs off those dusty old men who are standing for the nomination!

Definitley - I think that Olympia Snowe might be the only Repubilcan I'd vote for for president, except for mabye Susan Collins
I think I echo the thoughts of millions across the nation when I say "RUN FOR PRESIDENT".

You are an amazing, intelligent, witty, and compassionate senator who will be an outstanding first female POTUS.







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