Thursday, October 04, 2007

Blackwater guard 'turned gun on colleagues and told them to stop shooting'

Somebody with integrity and bravery within Blackwater - hope he doesn't get fired or accidentally killed. 
I think the lack of safeguards in controlling the bad employees is the real problem, and it was one of many questions that came up about the wisdom of outsourcing our military.  It's something that I'd guess the chain of command within the military has likely addressed in prior situations (when a superior officer says "Cease fire," there's not so much room for differing opinions).  Hopefully the reviews that are being initiated are serious efforts toward reining these guys in, and not just more window dressing.  This guy should be given a medal - at least, if he were a soldier instead of a mercenary. 
Oh, and on a separate note, it's funny how the picture just shows the car instead of any of the dead - best not to turn public opinion farther away from the war with visuals...

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