Saturday, September 15, 2007

Daily Show: Petraeus coverage

Scathingly funny critique of each of the players (without even touching Petraeus' answers, surprisingly), though I think Hagel's point was correct (it wasn't clear if Stewart was goofing on him specifically or just saw the opening for a joke).  The rest of the questioners in the video are all candidates for replacement in my opinion.
I happened to catch the most stunning question though, one by John Warner, as it happened.  I couldn't find the video online quickly, but here's an article about it:
It was amazing to see Petraeus not be willing to answer that question affirmatively and resoundingly.  While I think Barack Obama was right in questioning the propriety of scheduling these hearings during the sixth anniversay of September 11th, I hope that it might turn out to be an unanticipated blessing to see the anniversary contrasted against such hesitance in saying that our Iraq policy makes America safer.  It similarly calls to mind the Giuliani/Ron Paul debate about blowback and who the real winner of that point was. 
Now if only there was collective courage in the Congress to drive real, positive change...

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