Sunday, September 23, 2007

CNN: Blackwater staff to face criminal charges in Iraq

Good follow-up to this article from yesterday:
Iraq: Blackwater guards fired unprovoked
which had this gem:

It is doubtful that foreign security contractors could be prosecuted under Iraqi law. A directive issued by U.S. occupation authorities in 2004 granted contractors, U.S. troops and many other foreign officials immunity from prosecution under Iraqi law.

Security contractors are also not subject to U.S. military law under which U.S. troopers face prosecution for killing or abusing Iraqis.

Iraqi officials have said in the wake of the Nisoor Square shooting that they will press for amendments to the 2004 directive.

And also reminds me of this older video of prior abuses (though if I remember right, this was Aegis instead of Blackwater, though they're basically the same):


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